GRS Brisbane Team

Nick Jiang 

Founder, Gold Coast Service Coordinator, Occupational Therapist



Nick holds a bachelor degree in Medicine and a master degree in Occupational Therapist. Nick has 9 years of clinical experience working with patients with various disabilities. He has strong medical/clinical knowledge regarding neurological conditions including stroke, motor neuron disease and multiple sclerosis, particularly with their physical and cognitive rehabilitation process. Nick is also an NDIS approved provider who is competent in completing complex home modification (CHM) for NDIS participants. 


Nick also holds a special clinical interest in the integration of the latest Assistive Technology/Information Communication Technology into an individual's daily routine to improve their independence and the quality of life. This includes implementation of advanced electronic assistive technology such as various visual/audio conversation systems (Gridpad, OrCam etc.) to assist an individual with visual or physical limitations to be able to connect to the wider world without depending on another person. 


Nick will be coordinating the service you receive from GRS in the Gold Coast area and ensure you have the optimised experience with partnering with the therapists of the suitable skill set to meet your therapy goals. 









Woosung Yoon



Woo has been working in both outpatient and inpatient settings in Northen NSW for 7 years. He has extensive experience in working with patients with various disability conditions and has strong clinical skills and interest to provide clinical intervention to individuals with neurological deficits.


Woo adapts a client-centred approach in assisting individuals to break down complex physiological rehabilitation process into achievable goals according to the individual's capacity.  Woo focuses on interventions which aim for progressive improvement in balance retraining,  physical strength enhancement and gait pattern correction.


Woo has a strong sense of team collaboration and often works jointly with other discipline members to empower patients to better manage their condition and perform daily tasks more successfully and efficiently. Therefore, the ultimate therapeutic goal is often links to a successful outcome for the individuals in performing functional tasks. 






Brendan Isaacs 

Occupational Therapist



Brendan graduated with a bachelor of occupational therapy in 2009 and has over a decade of experience working in adult and neurological rehabilitation in Australia and the United Kingdom. 


Brendan has refined his clinical skills at a number of hospitals considered ‘Centres of Excellence’ in the management of neurological disorders including The Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, London and the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane.

Hannah Pascoe


Hannah is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with 6 years of clinical experience and is an active member of the Dietitians Association of Australia. After completing her Bachelor degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Griffith University, she has spent several years employed with NSW Health working in both acute hospitals as well as community health care settings.  


Hannah has worked with clients who have disabilities affecting their swallow function, ability to gain weight, nutrient deficiencies and difficulties with self-feeding. 

Hannah also has experience in a wide range of conditions including diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, digestive problems, allergies, cancer, swallowing difficulties, malnutrition and artificial feeding (PEG tubes).


Hannah loves to cook using fresh, simple ingredients and is passionate about enhancing the quality of life of her clients using food and nutrition.






Ashleigh Morris

Speech Pathologist

Ashleigh Morris is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology from the University of Queensland and is a member of Speech Pathology Australia. After completing her degree, she moved to Darwin where she provided speech pathology services in the Education system in both metropolitan and remote areas, and developed skills in the areas of speech, language, literacy and hearing impairment.

Ashleigh has since worked in disability settings, helping people with communication and feeding difficulties. Ashleigh is passionate about increasing interaction and engagement to promote communication and finding alternative communication strategies to help people express themselves. Her special interests include; Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), Autism Spectrum Disorder and early development and late talkers. 

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