Social Work

Social worker provides support to you and your families and carers in a respectful and non-judgemental way as they work to achieve your goals. We offer expertise to help you identify  your needs and facilitate emotional, social and practical support to enhance your life goals while helping to provide safety and stability during times of hardship. These services can be provided in the community, at our clinic, or at the comfort of your home.


Your social worker can provide support, counselling and referrals during difficult situations such as:

  • Helping you adjust and cope with your condition 

  • Support you in building your skills and capacity to promote independence

  • Connect you with the right carer support, support groups or other carers

  • Help you navigate the complex system of government benefits and connect you to other community resources

  • Support you and your family to explore stressors and develop coping strategies

  • Assessment of living skills, behaviour, environment, social abilities etc.

  • Support you and your family/ children with transitions to adulthood or school

  • Helping you and your family with sustainable caring arrangements (e.g. personal care support, domestic assistance and respite care)

  • Provide counselling support around issues such as mental health, stress management, coping strategies and relationship issues

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