Transitional Therapy Program

We offer you a short term, goal orientated, intensive and home based therapy program to optimise your independence and function level at home and in community. This is important to assist your to return to your baseline level of function after an acute adverse event which temporarily or permanently reduced your level of capacity.  This is also suitable for individuals who have significant functional deterioration after a period of missing of therapeutic input.

Maintenance Support Program

We offer you ongoing reviews and ad-hoc maintenance therapy support to ensure that you are performing on an optimised level of function for your daily activities. The frequency of our support input is determined by your level of needs and your NDIS goal(s). This is most suitable for individuals with stablised level of disability and history of suitable level of  therapeutic input. 

Our life is vibrant and not standing still, so does our health/disability status. Therefore, your might need different support program through different stages of your NDIS journey. For all GRS service recipients, we want to ensure you that we understand your needs and we will only recommend you the right level of support you need but not the maximal level that we could charge you to benefit our own financial gains. We value the outcome of your therapeutic input and your happiness more than anything. This is also how we are trained in our public sector, to look after your best interest and be client-centred, all the time. 

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