How we work with Referrers & Partners

GRS works with many different referring agencies encompassing a variety of funding sources. We have established processes to ensure that referrers have all the information you need to make the best support decision for your client.


We work closely with each referrer to understand their participant's specific needs and ensure our ongoing communication and support is delivered in away that optimises the support for your participants.

Collaborated Team 

At GRS, We understand the highly complex care needs in the culturally and linguistically diverse client.  We have a unique mix of Allied health specialists to lead a coordinated therapy service in providing support for people at every life stages. 


Participants will have an allocated Therapeutic Team Leader to lead the care of your client - so participants can get the most out of multiple allied health professionals working together.

Our wide range of talented therapists allows us to achieve highly personalised and meaningful outcome across a broad range of support areas including:

  • Physical Rehabilitation

  • Early Childhood Intervention

  • Mental health Support

  • Behavioural Support


We have designed our central intake process to provide an easy to use, responsive and professional service. You can make an online referral through our online form:




We welcome a chance to discuss how we can meet your needs.


Please contact us to discuss our services and processes.

Gold Coast /Lismore area

Nick        0419 618 540

Sydney area

Howard  0422 953 236


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