Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists work with you to support you with tasks that you want to do in your everyday life and build your independence. We can provide support for your family members with the skills and tools they need to help with your activities at home such as self-care, cooking, getting out and about, study and work.

Our Occupational Therapists will begin by completing an assessment of your capabilities and help you explore your goals and reach your potential with support.  We will work with you closely to set your long term goals and help you reach it step-by-step over time. 

Occupational Therapist can help you with:

  • Identifying meaningful goals with you and your family

  • Working within your home and community environment

  • Enhance independence with activities of daily living (e.g. eating, toileting and dressing)

  • Instrumental activities of daily living (e.g. shopping, budgeting, transportation, cooking and home safety)

  • Providing education to your family or carers to helps you engage everyday activities or occupations; such as attending school or work, independence with accessing the community and participating in leisure activities.

  • Help you build skills to access the community e.g. using public transport, or managing behaviour so you can better interact with others.

  • Providing sensory integration therapies to assist with completing daily tasks, self-regulation and emotional de-escalation

  • Modifying or adapting the environment to improve day-to-day tasks

  • Enhancing fine motor skills, strength and coordination (e.g. handwriting, typing)

  • Improving information processing and organisational skills

  • Developing social skills and interpersonal interactions


 Services we provide:

  • Occupational therapy assessment

  • Support needs assessment

  • Functional assessment and Retraining

  • Assistive technology assessment and reporting

  • Home modification

  • Wheelchair & seating assessment

  • Learning support

  • Behavioural support

  • Sensory profiling

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